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Prind-Co S.R.L is a company focused on manufacturing, importing, exporting and distributing professional sound and lighting equipment.

"Your success is our business" is the motto that best describes our mission, since the company provides the highest level competitive solutions and focuses on the primordial value of customized attention.

Our vision points to the consolidation of the company's influence on the local and South American markets thanks to our quality, product innovation, professional technical support and fast service, promoting at the same time development and professional growth for our staff.

Established in 2002, the company began working on the design and manufacture of accessories for loudspeakers, cases, supports and trusses for professional performances and installations under its own brand called XPro. Prind-Co currently represents and distributes well-known international brands, and continues advancing in the local manufacturing of speakers, crossovers and acoustic boxes having an immediate high-level technical service as value added. 


• Respect: Respect for everybody, in every level of our organization, is primordial.

• Honesty: Trust is the foundation of our relationship with clients and providers.

• Excellence: Our driving force and daily challenge is to achieve the highest performance in the productive process.

 We search for, analyze and implement all the necessary changes to provide the best quality, assistance and support.